July 2017: Updates and Future Plans

It’s currently half past five in the morning (actually, it’s now half past midnight of the next day – but we’re not splitting hairs here as I’ve my own to deal with) and instead of being all snug in my bed, sound asleep-I am writing a blog post and preparing Sunset Valley to play. 1 So, since this is titled Updates and Future Plans, let’s get on with the updates.e

To begin, my Mom is currently in a nursing and rehabilitation center with a broken left femur. She will be coming home around the beginning of August, which will make our dog Colby happy. Because of course as much as he adores me-he loves Mom, which is a bit funny considering that I’m the one who feeds him and puts him outside to use the bathroom. I’m also the one who takes him for walks when it’s cool enough to do so, Mom says it’s because he knows she pays for his food. *shrugs*

I’ve accidentally uninstalled the WriteADay-so priority is on reinstalling it and doing it every day in August. So as you can probably tell my plan to write more has fallen to the wayside. I’m going to put all of my current WIPs, poems, etc. on here under the owner tab – and of course, it goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyhow, you are not to use any of my writings, designs, artworks, etc. without express written permission. This is defined as an actual written letter from yourself to me asking permission to use whatever you want to use, and receiving a letter from myself either granting or denying the usage.

Moving on with plans since I’ve already begun discussing them in the last paragraph, I’ve decided that I need to be more serious about owning a website. The reason for this is that while I have free hosting – thanks to IceGlow Hosting, I still have to pay for the domain itself, plus anything needed to keep it running and make it a success. This includes college-rule notebooks/paper, my cell phone2, and any programs, etc. that make the site look better, run better, etc. For those of you worried that Eristically will become cluttered, don’t be – I prefer clean, simple layouts so the advertisements will be kept to a minimum and they will naturally be for places that I feel provide excellent products and/or services.

Back to a quick update, I’ve recently decided that I want to start sending out a weekly newsletter, provided that I actually remember to add content. If no new content is added, then no newsletter will be sent out. However, I have no idea what plugin/service to use.

My doctor’s appointment mentioned in the last update went well – I got a new pill to help with my anxiety/insomnia and I had to go get a mammogram done. I also have a dermatology appointment scheduled-but I’ll probably reschedule it for the reason mentioned above. Plus there is the fact that I don’t remember when the appointment is, and I lost the page I wrote it on.

Back to Colby for a bit, his ingrown dewclaws have been dealt with and he is updated on his shots. I wish that I would’ve remembered to film him a bit after the visit – he got a numbing(?) shot and he was definitely not having it, but it was still funny and cute.

I really don’t have anything else regarding updates. As for plans, I am currently searching for emojis to use on the site-I know what I’m looking for but I’m just having trouble finding them. I also have two more posts in the planning stage-one I have to finish reading a book, the other is more at the beginning stages.

For those of you who don’t know, The Sims is one of my obsessions and has been since I first played it back in 2000. If I recall, I used a part of my money from school to purchase it. Anyhow, it’s part of the reason that I’m wanting to get a new computer (this one to be exact). I’ve recently ordered The Sims 3 Expansion Bundle, which includes both World Adventures and Generations. I’ve owned World Adventures in the past, so I’m looking forward to having it again. The Generations expansion pack is completely new to me – although from what I understand, it gives you the option of sending the kiddos to boarding school(?!). Would anyone be interested in seeing screenshots from my current family?

So, I’m off to finish the book I’m currently reading as it’s due tomorrow and to play The Sims for an hour or so. Then off to bed, I hope everyone’s having a great week so far!

  1. Tweet me if you know what I mean with the phrase – Gummy Pancakes are the bomb!
  2. That is currently not working due to SIM card issues

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2 thoughts on “July 2017: Updates and Future Plans

  1. Michelle

    Good luck with your appointments! I understand the change that needs to be done.

  2. Maroon Caludin

    I need to write more myself. Been ages since I’ve really written! Heh, your dog sounds like my mom’s one bird. She fed it and stuff but it liked my sister more! But yay to mom coming home soon!

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