First Impressions: Fact or Fiction

I originally posted something like this on my very first domain, Nouveau Prep, back on the 26th of February 2009…however, I highly doubt that anyone who read that post will read this one and remembers anything about it. So I’m going to admit that parts of this are from the original, also written by myself, post.

To begin, I want you to take a glance at the picture I chose for my sidebar…and think about what you originally thought of the person in the picture. Because let’s be honest, you probably immediately formed some sort of impression. First impressions are based on several things – your mood when you first saw the picture, your experiences with people named Jessica – one can’t take that out in this scenario considering it’s right above the picture, even how well you recognize Snapchat filters to how you feel about social media and those who use it. A few of you may have thought that she looks like a nice, sweet girl; while others might have thought that this girl is a total, stuck-up bitch. The truth of the matter is that neither group is 100% correct nor 100% wrong. That, there, is the problem with using your first impression to decide how you truly feel about a person.

First impressions don’t consider what a person may be going through in their current life. Perhaps when you meet a girl who’s being a bitch – she might have just broken up with her boyfriend or any other number of things. Then again, the girl might just really be a bitch. Personally, I believe that no single person can be in a bad mood 100% of the time. So I would be likely to ask how everything is going – and really mean it when I do so – and consider what they tell me before I judge how I feel about them personally.

Another thing that could affect how a person comes across both in life and on social media, is the way that they have been treated. This treatment can occur in several different ways – from when a male celebrity starts dating a new girl/guy and his fans reaction to it to past relationships with friends, family, etc. We have a tendency to judge people based on what we know, what we have personally experienced…and sometimes people need a second, or even multiple, chances to prove that they are a person worthy of being loved and cared for. Because to be honest, even a sociopathic serial killer needs to fill this way…even if they will never be able to reciprocate these feelings.

However, I have not always felt this way. Things happen, and people change. In my case, it has happened over a period of time…but what brought it to the forefront was when I attended the Southern Illinois Women’s Teen Conference on the 21st of February, back in 2009 – shortly before the original of this post went up. While attending this conference, I listened to this guy say that nothing that happens to you in your life – not being poor, rich, single parent, sexually abused, etc. – has an effect on your life. Absolutely nothing…not your thoughts, not your emotions.

The truth of the matter is that, like it or not, every single thing has an effect on the person that you are, the person that you become, and on how those around you view you – the impression that people judge you by. Every single thought, action, word spoken…every single thing forms a cohesive whole. Yet we are judged, and we judge, based on fleeting moments of time, on impressions that may be real or imaginary.

So I ask you this, do you feel that the things that have happened in your life had an influence on the person that you are today? Do you feel that you have been unfairly judged by someone because of a fleeting moment in time?

Finally, I’m ending with this: The next time you meet someone new, take the time to really get to know him/her before you decide if they are someone that you wish to hang out with. Who knows you might make some new friends? I also suggest that if you made a snap judgement on another person, give them another chance…they might end up surprising you.