New Year Wishlist

It is currently 8° outside, and I’m not only cold, I have a headache as well. This means that I don’t want to write a post that requires a lot of energy/thought to be put in it. Therefore, the result of this want means that you get to read the first wishlist post of 2018 – I know, it’s very thrilling. Haha, yeah right. ;) Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy viewing some of the things that I am desiring on this glacial, January night…also, I seem to have gotten into the habit of writing the posts the night before. *shrugs* I will also admit that this wishlist is influenced by the weather, as well as my current state of mind…plus possibly some upcoming good events in my life. However, I will discuss them more as they get closer. Without further introduction, beyond the fact that this list is in no particular order, here is my wishlist for the new year!

  1. 2006 BMW X5 3.0i – One of the things that I need to do when it gets warmer is to get my Driver’s License…yes, I am in my mid-thirties and I haven’t got it yet. Why, you may be asking? I could honestly tell you several different things, but the reason is relatively simple. I haven’t wanted my Driver’s License…this hasn’t really changed, but proper motivation will soon arrive.
  2. The following items from Kylie Cosmetics: Lipstick in Passion, Lipstick in Puppy Love, Gloss in Damn Gina, Lip Kit in Koko K, Lip Kit in Candy K, Lip Kit in Posie K, Lip Kit in High Maintenance, Velvet Lip Kit in Harmony, Gloss in Cupid, and Gloss in Koko K. Then again, you could always just get me a gift card. :P
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Crossbody in black with rose gold hardware, and if you’ve been to my blog in the past and read any of my old wishlist posts, then you’ll be well aware of my obsession with rose gold.
  4. These faux leather moto leggings would go perfectly with this neutral Reed cashmere pullover sweater and a cute pair of ankle boots. Perhaps, these would work…if only it wasn’t so damn cold or I wouldn’t look like an idiot wearing socks with them.
  5. The cold weather makes me want to stay inside, but I still want to keep up with the world via social media which means that the following items are absolute essentials: Apple iPhone SE 32GB in Rose Gold naturally, and it needs a case – a personalized one is protective in more ways than one. Then to capture all of those moments – y’all know the ones that I mean, I definitely need a selfie stick and selfie light.
  6. Then since my eyes hurt from browsing social media on my phone, it’s time to unwind by playing The Sims 4 with all expansion and stuff packs installed on my iMac Pro.

Okay, so this turned into a perfect day post, kind of…and I’m kind of fine with it, but then again…that knocks out a post for another day?! This basically means that I’m ending it here so that I can do that post another day.

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