Spring 2018 Wishlist

For those of you who’ve not yet realized this, but I have a tendency to write wishlists when I’ve either not in the mood to write an actual post, not posted in some time, or not ready to post about whatever I am thinking about. This morning, I find that all three of the above are true and that I desperately need something to keep me from sucking on my right thumb as I’ve somehow managed to bite it down much farther than I normally do. It probably also doesn’t help that I have been consuming Halos Mandarins at the rate of 3 per day…it’s just that they are so delicious and easy to peel, plus they help solve my sweet tooth – those and chocolate chip/s’mores granola bars. However, this post isn’t about the fact that I currently have cramps like crazy and want to eat all of the food in the house – or the fact that I am still drinking vanilla coffee because I accidentally bought it when I got myself coffee two months ago. It’s also not technically about the fact that I’m going to look at a possible house for us to move into Thursday evening…and thus, increase my stress levels going into summer. It’s also not about the fact that I am going to be dying my hair platinum blonde, and no before you ask – I am not going to start wearing red lipstick a la Marilyn Monroe.

So, you are probably wondering…what exactly will you find in this particular wishlist post? Well, let’s see – the big event that I am seriously interested in attending would have to be CMA Music Festival which is being held in June. However, before that, we have the City of Hope Charity Softball Game, which I am also hoping to attend. I am also hoping that my Uncle hears about if he passed his class and that I am able to get a car soon – as well as finally get my driver’s license. But before all of this can happen, I have a blog post to write…or maybe a couple to write. So, without further explanation, here are the things I am wishing for this Spring! I would like to add that the items are in no particular order and that while I would love to receive any, if not all of them, I just enjoy writing these posts.

  1. Premium Diamond Seat Cover with Crystals in Black – Two will be needed, and yes the color is correct, despite the fact that it will burn my poor bum in the summer…however, it will go with any color car that I happen to get. My local Walmart also has sequin car seat covers, which I adore – but with my fine hair, I’d be in pain every single time that I moved my head. :(
  2. Women’s Show Me Your Mumu Willa Maxi Dress in Everlasting Rose – This is quite a different style dress from what I normally wear, as I normally tend to stick to A-line dresses or sheath dresses. I am also not 100% positive on how well it will go with my hair once it’s done – as most people I know who go platinum tend to wear more black. o.O However, I’m not a big fan of the color…so it’s not something I’ll be doing.
  3. Women’s Parade Wedge Sandal in Taupe, 8.5 – I am seriously hoping that these wedges will look good with the dress above, as that is what I had in mind while I was searching for a pair of shoes. However, I suppose if they don’t – I can always wear them with other things since taupe is a neutral color.
  4. F21 Smocked Cutout Romper in Black – It’s said that every woman needs a LBD so I am going to presume that the same applies to other clothes as well. I like this one because the smocking adds a bit of innocence and whimsy…plus it disguises so much.

I apologize for this post being so short, compared to usual – however, I currently have both cramps and a migraine. It’s not helping any that I had to complete some repairs on our portable washer (similar one). I will try to get another post up in the next couple of days…probably Sunday if everything goes according to plan, meaning that I actually sit down and write one :huh: However, right now, I have to start another load of laundry and work on closing some of the 40+ tabs that I have open. Have a wonderful day!