Colby’s New Collar

Let’s discuss the collar that my dog Colby is wearing in the above picture, despite the fact that it is not visible in the above picture as I did not feel like giving him a haircut or a bath, and I’d like to ask that you please ignore the fact that I need to sweep the floor. I’ve not really been in the mood to do much of anything – more about this in the next post. However, I received his collar for free in exchange for a post here on the blog and some pictures on social media. I did not receive any monetary compensation; all thoughts and opinions are my own, and what I feel Colby is thinking about the collar – because Colby cannot talk, otherwise, I’d be a millionaire. But before we get into the details, first a picture of the collar itself.

Do you know how to take pictures of a dog, who doesn’t want to pose, especially when you need a picture of something he is wearing? You bribe him with a dog biscuit…or a half-dozen dog biscuits. #sorrynotsorry

  • Is the collar well-made? As far as I can tell, it is very well-made. It has no loose threads, none sticking out, etc. The collar has some stretch but goes back to original shape and size.
  • Does it have vibrant colors? As of right now, I’d say yet – however, Colby hasn’t wore it in the rain or anything else, and it is still relatively new. I’ll consider posting an update in a month or so to let you know how the color fades.1
  • Is the collar comfortable? Short of me putting the collar on, I honestly could not tell you. Colby will wear any collar that we put on him, as he knows he is supposed to have one on. He doesn’t even like to have it taking off for his baths or haircuts, so what does that tell you? However, the collar is reminiscent, at least to me, of the collars that you would purchase for a kitten albeit wider and sturdier. Therefore, I feel that it would be a very comfortable collar.

Final Thoughts: If I were to get another puppy, especially if it were a larger dog, I’d definitely consider getting a collar from this company again. The collars come in a variety of sizes and collars, as you can see on their website here.

  1. But this probably will not happen as I’m currently irritated with this whole business.