38th Birthday Wishlist

Considering the fact that I’m bored out of my mind, and that my 38th birthday is in less than 26 days, I’ve decided to do a birthday wishlist of various things that I’d love to receive for various reasons. The items are an assortment of fashion, beauty, home decor…basically anything that came to mind while I was writing this post.

[Edit:] Forgive me if this post looks weird, I’m trying out that new Gutenberg editor that WordPress is switching over to, even though I’ve no idea why.

The Wishlist

  1. Lilac Stripe Asymmetric Wrap Shift Dress – This beautiful dress features a simple pattern of stripes, one of my favorite colors, and the best thing? It’s under $40.
  2. Navy Lace Wide Leg Jumpsuit – Another one of my favorite colors, this one in a shade that would be evident to some of my former high school classmates…both my prom dresses from Junior year and Senior years were navy. I tend to view it as my more formal, funeral color so to speak…this is mainly because I don’t care for how I look in black.
  3. Louisella Nude Lace Up Wedges – Nude wedges are the perfect addition to any outfit, and the fact that these have silver accents makes them even more perfect.
  4. Ikea HEMNES 8-drawer dresser in White – What can I say? I have been only slightly obsessed with two pieces of furniture since forever, one is the West Elm Parsons Desk – which I’m getting a dupe of, thanks to this website and my Uncle. The other is this dresser. I think that my obsession with this dresser is the fact that it appeals to the side of me that is super-organized and hates messes…I can see in my head what goes in each drawer, but I’m not going to bore y’all with this.
  5. Ikea FRIHETEN Sleeper Sectional with Storage in Skiftebo Dark Gray – The choice of this is purely a logical one, in that I am going to be transferred to a smaller apartment, either a 2-bedroom or a 1-bedroom. If I get transferred to a 2-bedroom, I could use the extra bedroom for guests…but then it would never get used as I never have company, much less those who would stay overnight. This sleeper sectional is the perfect compromise; by allowing me to be ready for guests while still not having a room that is unusable. I know someone is going to comment just use the extra room as an office/guest room. However, I have a tendency to do my best work at 2-4 in the morning and having my desktop in the same room as a guest wouldn’t make me a very good host.
  6. Urban Outfitters Franklin Desk Riser in Large – If you know anything about the desk that I mentioned in #4, then you’ll know desktop space is at a premium…this is especially true if I don’t get a computer similar to the one in #7. This will allow me to put my monitor up higher, and to store my keyboard, hopefully, wireless beneath it.
  7. Refurbished Grade A 20″ iMac – Okay, I know this takes you to Walmart and that it is refurbished. But it’s an iMac(!) and y’all have no idea how long I’ve wanted an Apple computer, probably since Elle Woods got hers in Legally Blonde. 
  8. Urban Outfitters Mini USB Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp in Peach– Himalayan salt is said to help eliminate allergens, smoke, dander, pollen, and other pollutants by releasing ions. Plus, the moon and images of it have always been relaxing for me- so I figure this is a two-for-one. I’ll be relaxed, and able to breathe easier…at least in whatever room that this is plugged-in.
  9. Urban Outfitters Compact Air Fryer in Turquoise – Honestly, I don’t know what I like more about this…the fact that it is compact, the fact that it comes in such a cute color, or the fact that I could solve my fried food cravings without the use of oils. Of course, this is only if I somehow receive this cute little gadget.
  10. Urban Outfitters 3×5 Lawrence Printed Rug in Sky – The odds are good that I’m going to want to pick up some colors and carry them throughout my somewhat, or rather potentially, small apartment. I’m thinking that shades of blue, seeing as they are often associated with depth and stability. It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and trust. The color blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body, as well as slowing human metabolism and producing a calming effect. This is the reason I believe it would be the perfect color to take throughout my future apartment.
  11. Urban Outfitters Mini Rice Cooker in White – Being able to cook exactly the amount of rice or whatever that I need is my idea of heaven. Because, quite frankly, I cannot stand leftovers – so if I have any, it usually goes to my dog, Colby.
  12. Rifle Paper Co. In Bloom Book Collection Set – As an avid reader, I dream of having bookshelves filled with pretty, hardcover books. These would be the perfect start, as well as adding a pop of color to the living area of my apartment. They’d also look really cute with the copy of Grimm’s Complete Fairytales that I’ve owned forever.
  13. Urban Outfitters Stella Expandable Dining Table in White – This table will go with my Parsons Desk and the Hemnes Dresser, which will provide unity and balance to my future apartment. The fact that it is expandable is an added bonus, as it means I can serve just two or a whole group by using it as more of a serving station.
  14. Dormify White Eyelash Stripe Duvet Cover and Sham Set in Full/Queen – A white duvet cover and shams will allow me to use whatever sheet set, throw, decorative pillows, etc. that I decide to use at any given moment even if I choose to decorate my room for every major holiday. It also provides a nice contrast with my headboard, mentioned in #19, and goes with the Hemnes dresser and Parsons desk mentioned in #4. Plus, it’s also another one of those things I’ve been wanting to get for the longest time.
  15. Dormify Ugh Script Pillow – One of my favorite movies of all time would have to be Clueless, and my favorite line from that movie is “Ugh, as if!” So naturally, I’d love to have this quote somewhere in my apartment…along with a few others, but that is for another post, perhaps. 
  16. Dormify Take More Naps Pillow – Okay, confession time: this would probably be on my bed with the Clueless pillow being on the sectional/couch mentioned in #5. Naps are my salvation – the way that I get through a good 99% of my days. Because let’s face it, in my never-ending battle with insomnia, it is kicking my ass…in fact, I’ve currently been up for a good 19 hours, 28 minutes and counting. The sad part is that I’m not even the least bit tired and I’ve got so much to get done today.
  17. Dormify But First Coffee Wooden Sign – I must admit, that I’m going to figure out some way to set myself up a coffee bar. It’s probably not going to be a big area, but it’ll be an essential part of my day.
  18. Dormify Grey and White Brick Removable Wallpaper – Living in an apartment means that you can’t do certain things, such as smoke in your apartment (not that I smoke period) or paint your walls. I don’t mind certain things – but the idea of having to stare at blank, ecru walls for hours because let’s face it, I’m more of an introvert than extrovert is quite frankly, excruciating. I figure that removable wallpaper is my best option, seeing as it’s recommended for college dorm rooms. The only flaw with my plan is that I have to figure out the math to know how many I need to get. ?
  19. Target Viviana Modern And Contemporary Faux Leather Upholstered Button-Tufted Full Headboard in Black – As mentioned previously in #14, I adore contrast, and the biggest contrast is between black and white. It is also the two colors that make other colors stand out the most…ugh! ☹️ 

What am I even saying? I am heading to bed, I’ve been up since two in the afternoon yesterday and my brain is seriously beginning to shut down. But as a reminder, I honestly don’t expect anyone to get me anything on this list. It’s just for my own personal use, and I thought that some of you might enjoy reading it. Good night! ?