Cold Weather Essentials

I’m going to admit a truth – as much as I adore fall, and even winter, there are a few things that I could do without such as freezing cold temperatures and having ice on the roads and sidewalks.1 Of course, with things that I could do without, there is the exact opposite – there are certain items that I feel are a necessity for a great cold weather season. I’d like to add that this post contains a link to a product for which I have received for free in exchange for writing about the said product and expressing my true, honest opinions. The remainder of the items are things I feel assist one with nights during the cold weather, as well as those days that never seem to end.

First, we’ll begin with the health items – because keeping healthy during cold weather is difficult as we are indoor and around other people a lot more. Let’s face it, people are walking, talking germ machines – spending more time with people means that the germs travel from place to place. Therefore, since we are more inclined to get sick – I’m beginning with a few items that can help combat an illness or keep you from getting ill in the first place.

The first item we’re going to discuss is a humidifier. There are five types of humidifiers, but for the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to be talking about the Large Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, pictured to the left. Like warm mist humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers relieve dry skin, chapped lips, allergies, flu, and asthma symptoms by releasing moisture into the air. The extra moisture in the air rehydrates your skin, nasal passages, and respiratory system, relieving congestion, nosebleeds, and sore throats. It also has the added benefit of being safe for small children, as hot water or steam from a warm-mist humidifier or steam vaporizer can burn a child if he or she gets too close. Of course, the best way to keep from getting the flu is to get the flu shot – an influenza vaccination can reduce the risk of flu illness by 50 to 60% in the general population and can decrease the severity and side effects if you get sick. Then to stall the spread of germs, if you don’t already use a debit or credit card for every purchase, stock up on both pens and hand sanitizer.

Since I’m getting quite tired of discussing ways to stay healthy during colder weather, we’re going to move on to ways to stay warm if you absolutely have to leave the house. Though since you can order most things from Amazon and as for food, well, delivery is always an option – but staying in is the next section. The first thing you need is a warm coat. The most important thing to remember is that if it is super cute, but leaves you freezing, forget it! A great winter coat can cost a bit more, but you should view it as an investment. Personally, I prefer to get one in a solid, neutral color such as black, grey, or navy 2 Then dress in layers – thermals are a girl’s best friend, not diamonds, and they come in so many cute styles. Another good layer choice is leggings…I personally wear them year-round, but they are perfect under your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. The only thing is to make sure that you purchase the longest length available for your size, meaning ankle-length or stirrups. Finally, on the bottom, we need a cute pair of warm boots. I tend to go with the basic girl choice of Ugg boots, as these fur-lined boots keep toes cozy, warm, and protected from the elements.

So we’ve braved the cold weather, and decided that we are going to spend the rest of the winter, warm and cozy inside. Congratulations! Oh, but wait…there are a few things that you need. First, the leggings from when you went out will work perfectly – they are warm, lightweight, and easy to move around in. To go with the leggings, you need a cute pair of fuzzy socks or slippers. Then a cozy, oversized shirt or some other cute top…then you need either a video game that you are obsessed with such as The Sims, or a subscription to Netflix or Hulu.

Well, I’m off to go deal with the local utility company, and go to the doctor’s in an hour or so. What are some of your winter essentials?

  1. Snow doesn’t bother me, as shoveling snow is a great workout.
  2. My absolute favorite winter coat ever was a pea coat from AE.