Christmas Card Exchange?

I have contacted the company with a question on whether it is safe to place these in a printer, and if they have a tutorial available for doing so. At the time of publication, I have not heard from them. I will update this post once I hear back.

My apologies, but once again, I must subject you, my lovely visitors to a post in which I have received a product for free in exchange for my thoughts and opinions on the said product. This time, the product is a set of 36 Woodland Animal Christmas cards. The blank cards, yes blank?!, arrived at my home via the USPS on a rainy day, and I was glad to see that they had been packaged in a waterproof envelope. Upon opening the package, I was greeted with a shallow rectangular box with the words “Christmas Cards” imprinted on it. The first thing I saw once the box was opened was a message from the company, thanking me for my purchase. I have to admit that my first thought was that was sweet of them, however, I soon grew annoyed when I discovered that they had put ‘pls’ instead of writing out the word ‘please’, and that they felt the need to explain how to seal an envelope.

The next item in the box was a set of 20 round stickers, saying “Merry Christmas!” I was very glad that these were included as the mere thoughts of having to go through the process they described in the note on how to seal the envelopes made me feel just a bit tired. Then I came to the cards themselves, 36 of them with 6 different designs. The first thing I noticed, after gushing to my neighbor’s daughter over the cuteness of the designs is that unlike most Christmas cards that have the logo of the company that printed them, these were completely blank save the front design.

I am sitting here, trying to figure out what else to tell you about these cards and I have to admit that I am at a loss. I’m not the type of person who handwritten messages in cards, mainly because my handwriting is quite mundane. I’ve never been complimented on the attractiveness of my handwriting, at least not the letters themselves. The numbers, however, are an entirely different story, and the compliment was more on the neatness of them, and on how easy my Algebra homework was to grade.1 Personally, I would’ve preferred to have a message that gave directions on using a printer to do the messages if one so chose.

As for the title itself, I’m debating whether I want to do a Christmas card exchange with my online friends. It honestly depends on several different factors, mainly my housing situation and my money situation. If I do decide to have one, I will announce it on my Twitter and then offer a sign-up form here on the site.

  1. I still failed Algebra twice. Arithmetic has never been my best subject.

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