Trying to Become A Morning Person: Habits I’m Adding

Despite the fact that I absolutely love both sleep and routine, I find it incredibly hard to stick to a routine when it comes to sleeping. It’s a bit easier when I’m able to afford melatonin pills, as I know if I take them at a certain time, say 10:30 PM that I’ll probably be asleep by midnight. Then I’m able to set my alarm for 8 hours later, and begin my day. However, since the only thing that I’ve managed to have any consistency in my life is the fact that I’m constantly a broke bitch…it tends to make things difficult. So as a result of this, I’ve decided came up with a few things that I can only do in the mornings, or before 10:00 AM. It’s my hope that my desire to do these things will encourage me to not hit the snooze button, and to get to sleep at a decent time – preferably at or before midnight.

  • Wake up early. This gives me the opportunity to do some of the other things on this list…things that I’ve discovered make me feel better throughout the day, and makes me feel more confident about my absolute ability to get things done. Knowing that you have a good foundation for your day is a great feeling!
  • Meditate. I’m going to be the first to admit this, I don’t take enough time to be entirely present and I also completely suck at meditation. This is mainly because I have a serious problem with sitting still in one position for more than a minute or two. However, meditation can help with stress and help to start your day in a calmer set of mind. A friend recommended that I try Insight Timer, which is available on both the Apple App store and the Google Play store for free. However, it does require the usage of data – so this is something I’ve put aside for now.
  • Drink two glasses of lukewarm water. There are so many amazing benefits to drinking warm water in the morning, from relieving nasal congestion – an absolute essential for me as I suffer from allergies and severe sinusitis to the fact that it helps to keep you hydrated. It can also supposedly help with weight loss.
  • Do a bit of exercise. Getting active in the morning is great for three reasons – the first being you are more likely to exercise if you do it in the mornings before your busy day gets started. Then there is the fact that it can help with weight loss and help you sleep better at night. The incredible Chloe Ting has a series of free workouts that you can do at home with minimal equipment. I suggest doing a different workout that targets a specific part of your body for each morning, such as on Mondays do an abs workout.
  • Take a hot shower. After exercising, nothing feels better than a shower. It refreshes and cleanses your body preparing it for the day ahead – even helps to wake you up a bit more. I have a list of products I prefer to use when taking a shower in the morning – due to the fact that their scents remind me of mornings, this includes items with a citrus or coffee scent.
  • Skincare routine. This is an essential, especially on days that I decide to do an overnight mask. Taking care of your skin in the mornings means that you start your day with a fresh face, and your makeup if you choose to wear any that day will look absolutely flawless.
  • Have a healthy breakfast. A breakfast that is healthy doesn’t have to be complicated – you can take some vanilla yogurt, granola, and a bit of fresh seasonal fruit and make a parfait. Another quick and easy idea is to have avocado toast with egg and fresh seasonal fruit. I enjoy both of these – although I do have a tendency to add a cup of chai latte or English breakfast tea depending on how I’m feeling that morning.
  • Clean for 10 minutes. I know what you’re thinking…clean for only 10 minutes?! What good is that going to do anyone? For me personally, I can only clean for about 10 minutes at a time since I’m allergic to dust mites. 1 Surprisingly, doing 10 minutes of cleaning every morning makes a big difference as you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and work harder throughout the day to ensure the cleaned area stays clean.
  • Read your Bible. I’ve been trying to reread the entire Bible once again – I’ve done it twice, once as a preteen and once when I was sixteen. Both times I was going through some issues in my life, and I don’t want to be the type of person who only opens their Bible when life is tough. I want to know that I find faith in God’s word, in his plan for my life, even when everything is going good. I know that this may not make sense to some who read this, as I don’t place a big priority on church but having a good relationship with God is very important to me and I don’t feel I need to attend a church to have a relationship with God.
  • Write in my Journal. For those who’ve never read one of my blog posts before, first of all, are you lost? Second, you’re probably wondering why I keep both a journal – offline and a blog. The main reason for this is that despite my desire to remain 100% honest with my readers – there are still aspects of my life I prefer to keep private, aspects that sometimes have to do with my not blogging, etc. There is also the fact that I’m absolutely horrible at remembering passwords and the fact that I only have 10GB of data per month, can’t afford to pay for Internet access. So journaling allows me to dump all of the thoughts that are crowding my mind, keeping me awake at night by obsessing over them.

If you follow me on any of my social medias – links in both the header and the footer, you’ll know that I am now the happy, somewhat proud owner of a Chihuahua named Kiki. I’ll eventually write a post telling y’all about Kiki…that is unless she somehow manages to get eaten by a coyote or swallows something she shouldn’t. I jest, but she’s at that stage where everything finds its way into her mouth…including charging cables, peppermint wrappers, etc. I hope that you’re having an awesome whatever it is, wherever you are and be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what you think of my potential morning routine, and to subscribe so that you know when I’ve added new posts!

  1. My allergy doctor is very insistent that I refer to my allergies properly, and since you can’t be allergic to yourself…dust mites, it is.

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