Spring Means New Goals?

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This past Sunday the 20th of March was both the first day of Spring and the start of another astrological year…so it only makes sense for me to use it as the official start of my 2022. I realize that this should’ve been posted a few days ago – but I’ve been preparing everything to ensure that I will be able to succeed at the goals that I’m setting for myself. I’m sure that you’re probably asking yourself…why am I even writing about my goals if I’m not positive that I will be able to achieve them? Quite simply, I’m asking you as a reader/follower of my blog to help keep me accountable for these goals. I have spent the past two to three days refining these goals and confirming that these are the things that I wish to accomplish over the next few days, weeks, or months. Some of them may seem like insignificant tasks to you – and at one time in my life, I probably would’ve agreed with you. However, right now? I am praying that my desire to improve my life – to be happier, to be healthier, to be more productive…to actually make real progress on my main WIP – will be stronger than my desire to procrastinate, to stay in bed all day sleeping. Now, you’re probably wondering what are these goals that I am setting?

The Goals for 2022

  • Get my ears pierced – double lobe piercing.
  • Enter Writers of the Future contest – the one with the due date of October 1st.
  • Get my first tattoo – breathe; – on my inner left wrist.
  • Get my driver’s license – yes, I’m over 40 years old and I’ve never had it.
  • Dye my hair – color to be decided. I really want to try Shrine Drop It Hair Dye Drops but I’m not 100% decided on the color.
  • Get contacts – I need to have an updated eye exam and I need to find out if my insurance will pay for them.
  • Lose a minimum of 15 lbs. – I currently weigh 175.8 lbs at the time this is being written. However, I don’t want to lose my curves.
  • Combine all of my blogs – personal, Sims, and book – into one blog to be included on this site.
  • Finish all of the blog posts that are in my Drafts folder, which includes tags that I’ve never done or that I don’t remember completing.
  • Complete Goodreads 2022 Reading Challenge. My goal is to read 100 books this year – I’m currently 12 books behind.
  • Develop a sleeping schedule/routine that works for me consistently.
  • Start streaming on Twitch, and post videos on YouTube.
  • Create my first piece of CC for The Sims 4 – probably a wallpaper/wall paint.
  • Purchase The Sims 4 expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and kits that I don’t currently own.
  • Add a minimum of two posts each week on jessicamezo.com.

A little less than twelve hours ago, I was sitting here trying to come up with a way to introduce a post since I hadn’t posted anything since the 15th of February and I’m always hoping that I don’t sound like a complete newbie to blogging whenever I decide to post. However, my feeling this way might be a good thing even though I’m not sure how it could be. I’d also like to add that I will probably be adding more goals to this list and removing goals as I accomplish them. Anyhow, I’ve reached the end of this post which means that I’m going to go do other daily online tasks.

Questions For You

  1. What are some goals that you set for 2022?
  2. Are you on Goodreads?
  3. Do you have any drafts for your blog saved on your computer?

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