Dream Home Decorator: Master Bedroom Basics

Dream Home Decorator - Master Bedroom Basics

One of the main reasons that I love playing The Sims is because it feeds my desire to decorate and design homes in a way not solved by playing certain mobile app games. Currently, I’m not able to play The Sims 4, so I thought it would be fun to decorate my “master” bedroom in a post by showing pictures of what I’d like to have, and telling y’all why I like those specific items. Honestly? I’m completely bored and I haven’t posted anything for over a month. I’ve decided to divide these posts into sections, which can all be found under the category: Dream Home Decorator, as designing rooms tends to make me a bit depressed since I can’t actually afford to do any decorating in real life AND I can’t do any decorating in The Sims currently. But I hope that you enjoy reading this post – and can hopefully picture what I’m trying to achieve.

  1. Abdiel Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed in Gray – This simple platform bed is low to the ground (with an under-bed clearance of 3.9″) which means it’s perfect for avoiding such dog issues as when your naughty dog wants to hide. But the main benefit for me? It doesn’t require the use of a box spring, and the padded headboard means more comfort when I’m reading 1 when I should be asleep. Sadly, this bed is currently out of stock…or on the bright side, it’s out of stock.

  2. Hashtag Home Leflore 2 – Drawer Nightstand in White (x2) – There are certain things that need to be accessible, yet hidden which is one of the main reasons I love this nightstand. The two drawers allow me to keep certain things such as my BC pills out of the sight of my Chihuahua, Kiki, whom I still haven’t convinced that she can’t have everything that I eat. The spacious top and the shelf will provide easy access to the things used daily such as my current journal, my Bible, my Apple iPhone 7, and whichever book I’m currently reading. Why two nightstands? Balance, to put it simply…having two nightstands makes the bedroom look more complete. As an added benefit, it gives me more storage…storage to store a gratitude journal from Promptly Journals, one of my favorite pens to use a BIC Intensity Fineliner Marker Pen, as well as a few other items like a Mason Pearson Handy Size Hair Brush.

  3. Scott Living 11″ Hybrid Mattress with Tencel by Restonic – Full: I have heard so many good things about these mattresses…that a small part of me doesn’t care it would be one of the most expensive things I own. Nope, that part of me doesn’t care a single bit…but a larger part of me is screaming “I better get the best sleep ever on this mattress for almost $1000!” Seriously, though, I just want to pull this mattress out of it’s box and watch it grow. :cheer:

  4. 5×7′ Sarrah Blue Quartz Rug: My main interest in getting rugs from this particular company is the fact that you can these rugs into your washing machine, provided your machine is big enough. This is absolutely perfect as dust mites are one of my allergies. Also, I love the fact that it gives off vintage with a touch of chic vibes – perfect for that cozy bedroom I’m hoping to achieve.

    washable rug
  5. Andover Mills Verwood 25.5″ Table Lamp Set with USB (Set of 2) in Brushed Nickel with Navy Shades: I’m sure by now you’ve figured out my basic color scheme – grey, navy, and white. However, I’ve only told you about my bed (minus the bedding) and my nightstands.

  6. Faux Grasscloth Removable Wallpaper in Navy: In my mind, I see this as part of an accent wall behind the bed – but this is only behind the bed itself with the walls painted Dolphin Gray by Behr and the baseboards painted Polar Bear by Behr in a semigloss.

    removable wallpaper
  7. Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer Dresser in White: I have been obsessed with this line of dressers for as long as I can remember. I love the clean lines of the dressers, and the fact that they can be adapted for any style depending on how you style them. The one disadvantage to these dressers is that I have to buy a mirror seperately, but I think I did a good job with the one I chose below.

    hemnes 8
  8. Ikea Hemnes 6-drawer Dresser in White: What can I say under this section that I didn’t mention previously?

    hemnes 6
  9. Ikea Hemnes Glass Top: I want one of these for both dressers, as the transparency of the glass gives the opportunity to not only protect the tops of the dressers but also the ability to slip various momentos like concert tickets, polaroids, etc.

    hemnes glass top
  10. PBteen Metal Framed Round 30″ Mirror in Gunmetal: I’m currently figuring out in my head how I want the wall above my 8-drawer dresser to look, but I do know that this is a feature. Of course, this isn’t going to be the only mirror found in my bedroom – after all, I need to have a mirror to confirm that my whole outfit looks cute and to take #OOTD pictures for Instagram.

    round mirror
  11. West Elm 72″ Metal Floor Mirror in Brushed Nickel: As previously mentioned, a mirror that shows my entire look is a necessity. This particular floor mirror has a slim metal frame and a minimalist look which means that the focus will be on whichever look I choose to show off, and not the mirror itself.

    floor mirror

I’m ending this part here – as I’ve reached the part where I tend to go into minute detail about what goes on top of things, what clothing items go into each drawer, etc. There’s also the fact that stopping means that I can write a post about all of the wall art, plants, and other decor items that will bring my personality into my bedroom. I will have this part posted by the end of the week – since I’m currently drafting the post.

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