There are certain things that go together, no matter what…peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde, Beyonce and Jay-Z, writing and reading. Or maybe the last one is just my personal opinion, but for as long as I can remember – writing and reading have gone together. My mom taught me how to read when I was three years old, she did this by reading to me when I was a baby and making me baby books to teach me the alphabet and short words such as cat, dog, etc. She also bought me any book that I expressed an interest in…I had a/still have a deep love for the Dick and Jane books as well as several other series that you read in elementary school, such as The Boxcar Children, Little House series, and several others. It’s not soon after I seriously got addicted to reading, that I had a desire to tell the stories that were appearing in my head, to give life to the voices characters that only existed to me.

I used to own notebooks filled with my writings, but several moves, being homeless, and a fire or two has caused me to lose a lot of my old works. Another cause is my childish belief that you can always access every website/online account that you have forever…and my desire to get rid of childish email accounts. Therefore, what follows below are both my current WIPs and everything that I have been able to find by searching the internet archives via the Wayback Machine.

Finally, all of the works/writings on this page are the intellectual property of myself, and thus the use of them without my hand-written permission is strictly forbidden. If you wish to use any of my works for any reason, see both the Contact page and the Terms and Conditions.

Note: Just another reminder that nothing below is ever 100% finished – not even if I am lucky enough to have them published, created, etc. I am always fine-tuning something in my head even if I don’t provide actual updates. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Novels and Novellas

I Am Isabelle
Untitled Story #1
The String Trilogy: Bound
The Decision
Keeping The Stars In The Sky
Mirror Image

Short Stories

The Task


Disney Lies
Three Words

Personal Essays