The Beginning

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Hello World!

     This is the first official entry in my new daily, semiprivate blog. I decided to start this as I’m wanting to get to know Blogger a bit better and I’ve recently acquired two templates that I absolutely adore. I’m in the process of getting the sidebar and everything set up, so please be patient with me if there are any broken links (which there are probably several), etc.

     As a result of this being the first official entry, I suppose that I should tell you a little bit about myself especially since I don’t know how you came across this blog. Be sure to tell me in the comments below. :) To start, my name is Jessica – I was named by my maternal grandmother since my Mom didn’t have any girl names picked out. Though in her defense, I did arrive a whole month early. I have the distinction of being the first baby delivered by the fire department in my hometown, with the result of my birth making the front page of the local newspaper before I could read or speak. The rest of my childhood was rather average – the parts that weren’t will probably be discussed on my main site, Love Design Couture.

    LDC is where I discuss practically everything that I think of – problems with social media, favorite Vines, items that I’d love to own. It ranges from being very silly at times to completely serious. Of course, to get to know me even better, you also have to read my writings which can be found at Scribbled by Jessica.

     I honestly don’t know what else to put in this post, beyond the fact that I’m currently in mourning. My new kitten has died, which means that my dog Colby is receiving lots of cuddles and attention. Am I the only one who has a tendency to become clingy when they lose something or someone?

     Before I head to bed – I’m a serious insomniac, can any of you suggest some tutorials on how to get all of this to look good? I’m open to suggestions, and I’ll try to get another post up tomorrow before bed.

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