Cautiously Optimistic This Time Around

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When I first came up with the title for this, the first blog post of the revamped Thoughts of Jessica, I was feeling optimistic. But that was before…before I couldn’t figure out how to change the font used for the site title in the header only, before I tried to actually write this post without doing a rough draft first…before I began to remember how much I need support and feedback1 on any project I decide to undertake. Asking my neighbor if the font I chose for the site title looked good with the rest of the site helped restore a bit of my optimism, and some of my confidence. However, it’s now Friday the 30th of July and I still haven’t figured out one of the problems, I’m having with working on my site. I think that I’m going to have to contact the theme’s creator to see if I can get some assistance. I’m hoping that I can as this is one of my top free Themes. But I will keep y’all posted on my progress – either via another blog post or most likely via a tweet – all of my social media links are in the 85% complete sidebar to the right.

As for the sidebar only being 85% complete, there are still a couple of things that I need to add – a link to BrandBacker, as well as my affiliate links from ShareASale. I’m planning to monetize my site this time around, as I can’t keep hoping I will somehow raise the funds to keep it open. Currently, this is one of my longest owned domains – it’s tied with my former domain, However, y’all will be able to read all about my sordid domain history within the next couple of weeks…hopefully. I’m expecting some news in the next week or so that could possibly keep me from doing any major work around here but it’ll improve my life – which in turn would allow me to write more interesting blog posts. Because let’s face it – my life is pretty boring…I do the same things almost every single day, with the only exception being every Tuesday morning.2

In other life news, I’m currently 21 books behind on my yearly reading goal of 150 books this year. Y’all can view what I’m currently reading (usually the top book on the sidebar) as well as a few of my “To Be Read” books on the sidebar. At the moment I’m writing this post, I’m reading “People Who Eat Darkness” by Richard Lloyd Perry. It’s the true story of Lucie Blackman, and her death. Recently my interest in the true crime genre has renewed, and I’m considering doing a series on here related to True Crime but not certain that is something I want to do, or how often I want to do it – right now? Monthly, might be the best option so that I have time to properly research whichever case I’m presenting to all y’all.

Speaking of potential future posts, would anyone object if I decided to revive blog posts from my old domains? I would update them to reflect my thoughts and my personality today in mid-2021 or whenever they’re reposted. If I decide to do this, it’s then a matter of when to post them and what to call the category – Revisions, Retrograde, Throwback?

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve added a new main link in the navigation – Sims. The Sims has been an obsession of mine ever since it first came out back on 4th of February 2000. It’s how I deal with practically every problem and emotion that overwhelms me – it keeps my anxiety at levels that I can handle. But I’ve gotten a bit sidetracked – the Sims link in the navigation is so I can share all of my Sims-related content such as my Alternate History save file3, my personal gameplay photos via Insomniac Sims, as well as challenges I’m doing via my Simblr and CC pieces that I love and use in my game. The eventual goal is to actually upload Sims videos to my YouTube channel, as well as semi-weekly vlogs on a separate channel. Honestly, this…everything depends on my ability to afford the equipment to properly do the various tasks as well as my rebuilding self-confidence so I don’t feel like a complete idiot when doing them.

In everything I’ve read on blogging, it’s suggested that posts are ended with a question for all y’all. Generally, I have trouble writing an actual, coherent posts so the thought of having to think of a question to ask y’all is enough to make me want to go take a nap. Sidenote, that’s exactly what I’m about to do after I get the rest of the support section of the sidebar semi-completed.

  1. Any kind, even negative, works for me.
  2. Those who follow me on Twitter already know what I do. Comment “Shots! Shots! Shots!”
  3. Coming soon, hopefully!

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